Atlante-Digitale-Cammini-dItalia-Atlas of Paths Digital Atlas of Pathsway POI

Atlas of Paths through Italy

A slow mobility network giving the country a veritable green infrastructure and offering the ability to travel throughout Italy on foot

Minister Dario Franceschini proclaimed 2016 the Year of the Paths with the aim of enhancing the heritage of the historic, naturalistic, cultural and religious network of paths throughout the country, from north to south, which represent a glimpse of, perhaps little known and yet fundamental to, Slow Tourism in Italy.

This initiative saw the commitment of MiBACT to create a slow mobility network giving the country a veritable green infrastructure and offering the ability to travel throughout Italy on foot, thereby promoting a new tourism dimension. Focus being given to the opportunity to choose the path and destinations that best suit the traveller.

To achieve its goal, MiBACT has promoted the Atlante dei Cammini d’Italia (Atlas of Paths through Italy). A receptacle of paths and paths designed on the basis and criteria of the guidelines set out in the Ministerial and Regulatory Directive and under the coordination of MiBACT, Regions, Autonomous Provinces: Comitato Cammini – Path Committee.  The Committee is still considering additional, new proposals from autonomous regions and provinces.

The 11 Criteria
Linear and usable physical paths
Horizontal and / or vertical signage for each stage
Safely path
Asphalt roads not exceeding 40%
Stages with all walker support services
Online description on reference site of each stage
Housing and catering services within 5 km of the Path
Presence of a 'governance organ' of the Way
Ensure supervision and maintenance of the route
Geo-referencing of the route
Reference site constantly updated

The Minister’s Directive defines the Paths as “European and/or nationally important cultural itineraries, accessible on foot or by other means of sustainable mobility, which represent a way to enjoy the widespread natural and cultural heritage and also an opportunity to enhance the natural, cultural and local attractions concerned”.

Atlante dei Cammini

The compendium of Italian Paths has facilitated a new vision for identifying opportunities throughout the country and enabled, above all, insight into the connections between the routes as well as alternative ways of travelling.
The implementation and development of new models of access and sustainable management will guarantee and favour integration of the environment and the landscape with the agriculture, craftsmanship and tourism and culture sectors of the national economy, as indicated in the 2017-2022 Strategic Tourism Plan.