Cave Cities Città delle grotte

Cave Cities

Project co-funded by MIBACT’s Directorate General for Tourism to highlight territories in limestone areas, often only accounted for their speleology interest

The Cave Cities tourist system – project co-funded by MIBACT’s Directorate General for Tourism – raises to valorize “cave” territories, usually considered just as speleology items. A way to widen minor sites’ knowledge and go along with the visitors through the beauty of karstic subway caves.

Città-delle-Grotte-Grotte-del-Cavallone-Taranta-e-Lama-dei-Peligni-PE Cave Cities
Stalagmite “Pisa’s Tower” – Cavallone’s Caves, Taranta and Lama dei Peligni (PE)

Limestone areas’ peculiar names, e.g. Stiffe’s Caves (Le Grotte di Stiffe) – close to the town of San Demetrio ne’ Vestini, – do not very often recall the Municipality they come under and a tourist-traveller could possibly close his stay in a place without knowing or trying the kind of a new experiential tourism, the one only a visit to caves can supply.

That is why it marks each of the five caves to visit by a special POI (Point of Interest) symbol, within the map in The Digital Atlas of Italy, next to the Paths.

In line with accessibility, innovation and sustainability, as promoted by The Strategic Plan for Tourism (PST), the project takes advantage of a series of innovative tools, as a dedicated App, illustrative totems and a web portal, rich in information and details. Thus any piece of information about the place being visited is given, from an overall view, enclosing parks, mountains, Paths and historic Villages.

2018’s goal is boosting the Municipalities’ network on a National scale. We have already censed 72 more Municipalities interested in speleological tourism, intending to keep on working at it by raising the Regions’ concern, given that even a town of 400 people can account for tourist importance of territories and caves in karstic areas”.
-Marcello Di Martino, Lead partner and City Mayor of Taranta Peligna