Atlante-Digitale-Cammini-dItalia-Atlas of Paths Digital Atlas of Pathsway POI

POI: as Access

The entrance to slow tourism, to travel among great artistic cities and historic villages through the Pathways of Italy

Italy is crossed by a web of interlaced Pathways that give life to the nodal points: real hubs for entry to the cultural heritage of beautiful Italy, as offered by The Atlas of Pathways.

The St Francis' Way - Pietralunga
The St Francis' Way - Pietralunga

A ‘Nodal point‘, in addition to the classic possibility of changing the road, offers travellers an entrance to slow tourism, allowing them to move freely between large Artistic Cities and the many villages crossed by the Italian Pathways.

They are true access portals to a choice of modern, knowledgeable and sustainable tourism. They open up to travellers the knowledge of an unknown country and, alongside the traditional tourist services, offer an alternative to the usual tourist destinations. Prestigious places – including italian villages, UNESCO sites, EDEN destinations, main cities or candidates for Culture 2017-18 – which at the same time represent a point of arrival or departure for the main national and international points of access for tourists – ports, airports or railway stations.

An intermodality between the Atlas of Pathways and the Extraordinary Plan for Tourism Mobility (EPTM) – a plan promoted by MIT which draws a single picture of the mobility system in Italy – enriches the very nature of the Pathways, adding an alternative and sustainable way of travelling to traditional kinds of mobility.

Journeys into the History of Abruzzo - Santa Maria della Pietà, Calascio
Journeys into the History of Abruzzo - Santa Maria della Pietà, Calascio

Putting ‘tourist places’ into a network makes Italy’s tourism offerings more accessible. It benefits the whole system by aiming at reducing congestion in the great tourist destinations and at the same time making the best of the cultural, environmental or gastronomic attractions encountered along the Pathways. It makes for sustainable and tailor-made tourism, as promoted by the Strategic Tourism Plan (STP).

“Tourism is a priority in planning the country’s infrastructure”
– Graziano Delrio, MIT

“The Strategic Tourism Plan identifies mobility as one of the priorities for the development of tourism throughout our territory”
– Dario Franceschini, MiBACT