42 Jubilee Cultural Routes

A series of itineraries, paths and trails through Rome to experience the beauty and riches of the eternal city from new and different perspectives

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Jubilee Cultural Routes - Logo
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The twenty different routes of the Jubilee Cultural Routes include streets open to pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike. The variety of themes is designed to satisfy all types of traveller, lay or religious, art-loving or just curious.

Jubilee Cultural Routes - Acquedotti Park
Acquedotti Park

The extraordinary amount of treasure guarded by the capital tells of Popes, Emperors, Saints and Artists. All the itineraries of the Jubilee Cultural Routes have been designed to recount their stories and show walkers where the events in their lives took place.

Jubilee Cultural Routes - La Villa dei Quintili sull'Appia Antica
Villa dei Quintili on the Appia Antica

The interactive map available on the website makes it easy to plan the best path to follow. Each Itinerary has a dossier (one for each stage) with more details and information.