26 Mining Way Of Santa Barbara

  • Iglesias
  • Nebida
  • Masua
  • Buggerru
  • Portixeddu
  • Piscinas
  • Montevecchio
  • Perd e Pibera
  • Villacidro
  • Monti Mannu
  • Arenas
  • San Benedetto
  • Case Margani
  • Domusnovas
  • Orbai
  • Miniera Rosas
  • Nuxis
  • Santadei
  • Is Zuddas
  • Masainas
  • S. Antioco
  • Carbonia
  • Nuraxi Figus
  • Bacu Abis
  • Iglesias

Twenty-four stages to retrace the epic mining activity found in the History, Environment and Geo-Mining Park of Sardinia

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The Mining Way Of Santa Barbara (Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara), twenty-four stages in the Geo-Mining Park in the Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese area of Sardinia, is a UNESCO world heritage site. An historical, cultural, environmental and religious itinerary dedicated to the Patron Saint of Miners, which follows the traditional mining trails alongside churches and places of worship.

At the dawn of the industrial revolution of the eighteenth century, Sardinia provided for almost all the metal requirements of the nascent Italian state. The Way aims to rediscover the old trails used by the miners, old mule tracks and railways for the transportation of raw minerals. Trails along which the technical and scientific, historic and cultural, religious, landscape and environmental and socio-anthropological traditions of the great Sardinian heritage have been preserved.

Mining Way Of Santa Barbara - Panorama del Cammino andando verso Masua
Going to Masua

It mainly comprises paths, mule trails, cart-tracks and dirt-tracked roads with only 25% of the route on urban streets or on short stretches of asphalt. The way is signalled with aluminium stickers and labels as well as milestones and can be ridden on horseback or bicycle on alternative routes. Along the route there are services for walkers. Both in inhabited areas and abandoned mining villages.

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