7 Saint Francis’s Walk from Rimini to La Verna

Explore the birthplace of the Franciscan Order by faithfully following the way of the founder in 1213

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Opened for the eight hundredth anniversary of the gift of Monte della Verna to St. Francis of Assisi, the Saint Francis’s Walk from Rimini to La Verna traces the native places of the Franciscan Order. Places the Saint visited on his journey to Valmarecchia in 1213.
A path marked by the constant presence of the River Marecchia, an itinerary linking the places where Francesco is believed to have been as he travelled to Romagna.

Saint Francis’s Walk from Rimini to La Verna - Santarini Lake
Santarini Lake (Claudio Lazzarini)

According the text, “Le Considerazioni delle Stimmate” (considerations of the Stigmata) written in the fourteenth century, when St. Francis came to the Castle of Montefeltro (the former name of the town of San Leo), Count Orlando Catani came to hear him preach. Impressed by his words, the Count gave Francis the ‘Monte della Verna’ and thus lay the foundations of the Franciscan order in the place where the Sanctuary of La Verna now stands.

Saint Francis’s Walk from Rimini to La Verna - Tempietto S. Antonio, Rimini - Emilio Calvatori
Tempietto S. Antonio, Rimini (Emilio Calvatori)

The website contains details of the each stage and charts showing the difference in altitude and estimated travel time.