4 St. Anthony’s Way

The way traces the life of the saint through the sites of his spiritual retreats before reaching Padua.

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St. Anthony’s Way connects Padua to La Verna and retraces some of the most important places in the life of St. Anthony of Padua.

Although there are other starting points in Venice and Bassano del Grappa, the actual Path begins from the city of Padua and continues through many of the places where the saint stayed in Italy: the Hermitage of Montepaolo , the Shrine at La Verna , the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua, where Saint Anthony remained in spiritual retreat, met St. Francis and was buried respectively.

The Way also has an additional, 24km stretch known as The Last Path, which was last journey St. Anthony made just before his death. Along this stretch, from Camposampiero to Padua, you can visit the cell of the Arcella Sanctuary, where the saint died.

Those in the possession of “Credenziale del pellegrino” (Pilgrim Credentials), issued free of charge by the Franciscan Monks, permits access to hospitality facilities. A list of refuges with indication of their location, type of accommodation and rates is constantly updated and available on the website.