6 St. Vicinio’s Way

A distinctive circular route starts and ends in front of the thousand-year-old Basilica of San Vicinio in Sarsina

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Opened in 2008 in memory of the first bishop of Sarsina, San Vicinio’s Way is a journey along the boundary ridge between Tuscany and Romagna and Montefeltro, ending where it begins.

This circular journey differs from others and although it’s possible to start the  route at any point, it’s advisable to set off from in front of the Basilica of San Vicinio in Sarsina.

St. Vicinio's Way - Basilica Concattedrale Sanctuary of San Vicinio, Sarsina
Basilica of San Vicinio, Sarsina (Diego Baglieri)

The trail is quite safe and offers the opportunity to spend whole days surrounded by nature, walking along the paths and old mule tracks leading towards Camaldoli and the Sanctuary of La Verna, Tuscany, and then back up towards the Adriatic in the direction of Cesena, a historic crossroads on the Via Romana-Sarsinate, and thereafter returning to Sarsina.

St. Vicinio's Way - Corzano mule track
Corzano mule track (Associazione Cammino San Vicinio)

This route is inspired by that of the ancient Rome-Arezzo-Ravenna road, which guaranteed access to the Casentino and Aretino areas, allowing pilgrims to travel towards Rome or to the Padana Plain.

St. Vicinio's Way - Bagno di Romagna
Bagno di Romagna, old town (Associazione Cammino San Vicinio)

The website has useful information about sign-posting and accommodation, as well as historical and religious facts and recommended places to visit.