29 The St Francis’ Way

A journey through the symbols of spirituality linked to the Saint of Assisi

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The St Francis' Way - Logo
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Walking or by other means, The St Francis’ Way is an itinerary that follows the journeys of Francesco d’Assisi. A single path to reach Assisi from La Verna to the north, or from Greccio, south of Assisi.

The St Francis' Way - Basilica di San Francesco, Assisi - Fabrizio Ardito
Assisi, Basilica of Saint Francis (Fabrizio Ardito)

It winds through the medieval villages and hills of Umbria, and part of Tuscany and Lazio. The St Francis’ Way represents the life-path of the saint; a pilgrimage that replicates the Franciscan experience through his land and places.

The St Francis' Way - Statue of Saint Francis, Church of San Damiano
Statue of Saint Francis, Church of San Damiano

On request, ‘Credentials’ are given which, besides attesting the actual fulfilment of the pilgrimage, form a travel document to distinguish pilgrims from other travellers. The document is issued by the religious authorities and those who intend to approach the pilgrimage, on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, are asked to undertake the sense and spirit of the journey.