20 Via Vigilius

  • San Vigilio upstream station cable car
  • Jocher Hotel
  • Senale
  • Fondo
  • Sfruz
  • Vigo di Ton
  • Monte
  • Vallene
  • Trento
    18 22 25

In the footsteps of Prince Vigilio - Bishop of Trento, who, in the fourth century, tried to evangelise the area

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The Via Vigilius Way leads from the little station above the village cable car near Merano, crossing the plateau of the Val di Non to Vela on the outskirts of the city of Trento.

The walk follows the footsteps of Vigilio, Prince-Bishop of Trento during the fourth century, who tried to evangelize the pagan population of the area. Testimonies to his efforts are the buildings that he constructed and which are encountered along the way, such as the small church of San Vigilio or the sanctuary of San Romedio.

The legend tells that the local population beat him to death with wooden sticks and clogs when he threw a statue of Saturn into the river Sarca. His remains were taken to Trento and buried in the Cathedral that he himself had built.

Even though the way is always open, in winter it is advisable to check the weather forecast before setting off.