44 The Way of St. James – Jacobsweg Südtirol

  • Prato alla Drava
  • Monguelfo
  • Brunico
  • Vandoies di Sotto
  • Fortezza
  • Vipiteno
  • Brennero

Jacobsweg represents the Tyrolean variant of the Austrian Santiago de Compostela Path

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The Way of St. James – Jacobsweg Südtirol crosses Alto Adige from east to west and is a part of the Austian  Santiago de Compostela Path. Once crossed the border with Austria, the path continues on to the Cathedral of Saint James in Innsbruck, changing its name to Jacobsweg Tirol.

The Way of St. James – Jacobsweg Südtirol
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The Italian path starts in Prato alla Drava and follows in a large part the Southern Tyrolean cycle paths of the Drava, the Pusteria and the Isarco valley up to the Brenner pass.

The Way of St. James – Jacobsweg Südtirol - Hnerlegende, Mahr Brixen
St. James, on right, in Hnerlegende, Mahr Brixen

Hospices, cathedrals and abbeys of these places have always offered hospitality, aid and support to travellers going through these spiritual crossroads, both while following the Via Romea Germanica to get to Rome and while making a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The Way of St. James – Jacobsweg Südtirol - Wegkreuz F++rstenburg Kloster Marienberg
Wegkreuz Frstenburg Kloster Marienberg

Along the path, the Tyrolese devotion to Saint James – protector of travellers and pilgrims – is particularly visible; this is testified by twenty-five churches and chapels consecrated to him and strategically placed on passes and commercial paths throughout the years.