Strategic Plan for Tourism SPT The General States of Tourism

The Strategic Plan for Tourism

The Strategic Plan for Tourism, developed by The Standing Committee on Tourism Promotion, under the coordination of MiBACT’s Directorate General for Tourism, intends to supply Italy with a strategic steering and a unitary view for Tourism and culture, to meet the need of setting Tourism at the core of the Country’s developing policies. The PST means to be a simple clear and dynamic tool, aiming at improving sectoral choices and fomenting integration.

The Committee is composed of representatives of Institutions, central and local administrations and most known trade associations. It was entrusted with the Plan through art. 4, Ministerial Decree (DM) 8/8/2014.

With a 6-years’ time horizon (2017-2022) the Plan proposes an “organized system” –  of 13 specific targets and 52 lines of action – the strategic features of which keep to 4 overall targets:

The strategies, targets and actions have been drafted and proposed according to the three overarching principles: Sustainability, Innovation and Accessibility. The aim is boosting Italy’s leadership on the international tourist market.

The Strategic Plan comes out of an innovative sharing and participative process, started with The General Stares of Tourism in October 2015, ended up in Pietrarsa in April 2016 and built up by digital tools: an on-line platform, a dedicated web site and social channels, for an integrated Tourism view to enjoy.

MiBACT Minister Dario Franceschini
Dario Franceschini

In defining the STP (PST) on its approval – Ministers’ Council, February 17, 2017 – Minister Dario Franceschini declared: “A turning point, developed with the full sharing of the trade associations and experts in the field, strengthening the idea of Italy as an extended museum, with sustainable and quality tourism (including new destinations) as a strategic tool for the overall socio-economic welfare”.