Strategic Plan for Tourism SPT The General States of Tourism

The PST: a participative process

The building up of PST (The Strategic Plan for Tourism) took place in Italy for the very first time by a fully accessible and participative method.

The process, lasted about 8 months, developed through direct meetings, worktables and on-line tools. An activity enabling to collect reflexions and analysis assets feeding the Plan’s handing out, while keeping in its great value as a nucleus of knowledge and culture for the work to come.

The Plan was further developed through a heated debate among MiBACT, Regions, Central and Local Government, economic representatives and other Institutions sharing responsibility and holding community or entrepreneurial interests in tourist policies’ field.

Everyone involved could contribute to define the new strategic lines and rise Italy’s tourist competitiveness even on-line. Particularly, public consultation gave a great opportunity of identifying and defining the stronger planning proposals, giving suggestions on projects already approved of or presenting new solutions.

The whole of the hints and proposals sent, together with the data out of the public debate, are available on the platform Ideascale “Ideas for Tourism”.