Giò Pomodoro sculpture, Pesaro, Italy

International Activities

Bilateral and multilateral co-operations with other Countries and Agencies in the world

The International Activities of the Directorate General for Tourism descend from a series of institutional relationships with European Union, OCSE (or OECD, Organization for Economic Collaboration and Development) and UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization), the specialized ONU Agency for world tourism.

Furthermore, kinds of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other Countries through the participation in International Boards, Intergovernmental Committees, joint Committees and the like, in addition to finalizing collaboration agreements on tourism.


  • The Directorate General for Tourism participates in U. activities by taking part in the Advisory Committee on Tourism, as well as in the Working Parties, respectively, on Consumer Competitiveness and Growth and on Protection and Information.

It cares also for the macro-regional EUSAIR strategies (Adriatic-Ionic macro-Region) and the EUSALP ones (macro-Alpine-Region), besides the EUROMED relations (Euro-Mediterranean dialogue).

  • As to UNWTO, Italy is an elected member of the Executive Board, Steering Body and Vice-President of the Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness (CTC). It participates in the work of the European Commission and of the Task Force on The Silk Road, besides sitting on The General Assembly every two years.
  • Within the OCSE (OECD) it partakes in the activities of the Tourism Committee (chaired up to 2016) and other relevant events, as the thematic Conferences and the International yearly Forum on the tourism statistics (last edition, Venice 2016).


Besides, the Directorate General for Tourism surely attends the European Travel Commission (ETC) for promoting Europe as a tourist destination (together with ENIT) and the International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO) to boost social tourism’s development at international level.