Tourism Data in 2017

Flows and expenditures in Italy

In 2017, according to the first temporary ISTAT data, Italian official accommodation facilities detected 122 million arrivals and over 427 million presences in total, with an increase, respectively, of 4,5% and 6,0% on the previous year. The Bank of Italy data also confirm it. In 2017 foreign tourist expenditure increased of 7,7% (about EUR 39 billion), with a positive trend in leisure as well as in business demand. Tourism current account balances keeps in surplus and definitely increasing (+5,7%) on 2016.

Last updated in July 2018 (provisional data)


Tourism flows and expenditure in the world

According to UNWTO’s (United Nations World Tourism Organization) survey, international arrivals in the world in 2017 raised by 6,8%, marking a widespread increase in travel demand, in line with the appraisals. International tourists’ expenditure in the world (US$ 1,332 billion) shows an upward trend on 2016, with significant variations in some emerging Countries, as Brazil and Russian Federation. Eurostat confirms the increasing in tourist demand in Europe, (according to temporary data) raising in EU national/international tourist accommodation by 5,1% on 2016.

Last up-dated in July 2018 (provisional data)


Transport in Italy

Transport in Italy gave good performances as well. In airports, according to Assaeroporti’s report, there was an increase of 6,4% in passengers accounting for 175.150.984 people and of 2,6% in activity, amounting to 1.363.532 incoming and outgoing aircrafts. Railway transport rose by 18,3% in High Speed and Intercity passengers (Fs News, January-March data). An improving outlook also suggests road traffic, the first 2018 data of which, by AISCAT (a motorway operating company) indicate a rise by 1,6% of light-duty vehicles on Italian motorways (amounting to about 8.600 million vehicle-kilometres) (January-February data).

Provisional data. Variations calculated with respect to the same time the previous year: January-May to Assaeroporti, January-May to AISCAT.


Arrivals estimates for 2018

Growth is also expected to go on all 2018 along. UNWTO made provisions for a positive world international arrivals trend by 4% to 5%. As to Italy, the CISET (International Study Centre on Tourism Economics) predicts an increase of 4,7% (about 69 million) in arrivals worldwide in Italy, mostly from Central and Extra Europe (respectively, 25 and 10,5 million).

Last up-dated in July 2018 (provisional data)