Progetto Cammini e Percorsi 2° bando valore paese

“Cammini e Percorsi”: 47 proposals for the first call for tender

Among the proposals, some also from Paris, Malaga, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas

In its first open session of the tender Committee, assigning the buildings in the first tender notice for the Project “Cammini e Percorsi (Paths and Routes) by the State Property Agency, there was 47 proposals, 14 of which from overseas, thirty-three different participants, including eight cooperatives, nine associations and sixteen enterprises.

Cammini e Percorsi, born to the purpose of promoting slow tourism, by re-using public buildings on cycle and pedestrian routes and historic and religious tracks, turning them into facilities for travellers, is giving a positive feedback from the market, confirming expectations. Particularly after the first public consultation, calling so much attention in Italy as well as abroad.

Cammini e Percorsi
Angellara Tower (Torre Angellara), Salerno

Unusual, but most interesting, a building in a former Alghero airfield, getting over ten different proposals, included one out of a Paris Association. It followed Salerno’s Angellara Tower (Torre Angellara) with eight (one of which from Los Angeles) and an ex monastery, in the province of Avellino by another supply from USA, Austin in Texas.

On the next Commission’s public sessions, provided for mid-January 2018, it will be evaluated the projects in every supply. The Commission’s assessment will only consider quality in the projects, especially coherent with the view and purpose in each of them.

The tendering is expected to close by the end of February, while the second tender notice is keeping on with the best of properties, as villas, castles and farms for enhancement to grant up to 50 years, on a rental and a recovery sustainable project