Oviedo: 2nd UNWTO World Meeting on “Smart destinations”

Digitization and sustainability at the core of the 2nd UNWTO meeting on “Smart destinations” in the Spanish City

It will held in Oviedo from 25th to 27th June the UNWTO World Meeting on Smart destinations. Organized by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) together with Spanish and local Asturian Government, it aims at leading and devising new tourism models for the 21st century, focusing on innovation, technology, sustainability, management and accessibility.

Besides, the UNWTO meeting on Smart Tourist Destinations represents an annual event for international experts in the field, to discuss new opportunities and challenges. It involves Public Administrations, entrepreneurial sectors, researchers and academics, technological centres, civil society and local actors from all over the world to share knowledge, ally and keep on understanding the key features for smart tourism destinations. After the first Meeting in Murcia on Sustainable Development, 2018 edition will deal with digital change within destinations, technological solutions to check the tourism’s impact, the governance in the tourist Smart Destinations and the role of the open platforms with their data management, to improve competitiveness in tourist destinations.

Among the current year’s news, the first Hackathon for Smart Destination on the development of smart solutions for tourism sustainable growth.

On 25th June, academics as well as entrepreneurs will have opportunity to share studies and innovative solutions through short presentations, a kind of prelude to the future meetings and round tables. After spending a day on research and development, speakers and participants will reflect on general items and discuss the challenges out of the most relevant digital trends, as: Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning , Internet of Things (IoT), Location Intelligence (LI), Cloud Computing, Blockchain and virtual/augmented reality.

Among the most interesting panels, the Smart Talk High Level I on 26th June, concerned on growth, digitization and sustainability: Tourism’s future.

This first Smart Talk it will mostly discuss tourism’s role in our developing societies. Among the speakers on responsible, sustainable and future-resilient development, with Bernardo Hernández as moderator (member of the jury for the award Princess of Asturias for scientific and technical research) it will participate:

  • Hon. John A.E. Amaratunga, Ministry of Development and Tourism, Sri Lanka
  • Marcela Baccigalup, Secretary Executive, Ministry of Tourism, Paraguay
  • Alberto Bernal, Director for Smart Communities and Territories, INDRA
  • Bente Bratland Holm, Director of Visit Norway
  • Elena Gil, Big Data Director, Telefónica
  • Brigitte Loehl, Director of Amadeus for Destination
  • Elisa Martín Garijo, Vice-president of CTO, IBM Spain
  • Hany Fam, Vice-President, Enterprise Partnerships, Mastercard
  • Isabel Oliver, Secretary of State for Turismo, Spanish Government
  • Francesco Palumbo, Director General for Tourism, MiBACT
  • Mónica Zalaquett, Parliamentary State Secretary, Chile