Smart Tourism: start up winners

In FactorYmpresa Accelerathon the start-uppers competed by innovative projects on intelligent Tourism in the frame of “Economia Come”, Economy, how (it works).

Two from Lombardy, TypicalEats and Guido Tour Sharing and one, Woolysses, from Campania, the three Accelerathon“Smart Tourism” start-up award winners closed the last FactorYmpresa’s appointment within “Economia Come”, Economy, how (it works), held on Saturday 10th at the Auditorium of Music in Rome, promoted by Invitalia.

Number one TypicalEats: specialty food web portal conceived to allow tourists and fine food appreciators to discover specialties from the different places where to enjoy them. Number two GUIDO ( an on-line guided tour-purchasing platform, where tourists and visitors can gather in small/medium sized groups (tour sharing) in return for group rates.  Number three Woolysses: an “on-cloud” technical device providing information and facilities through a “smart assistant”, by a multichannel chat-bot (Web, Social and App version).

Domenico Arcuri himself, Invitalia’s Chief Executive Officer, gave the aspiring entrepreneurs representing the three award winners the cheques, respectively, for EUR 15.000, 10.000 and 5000, to develop the presented business idea.

The award show closed the last Accelerathon 2018, leading the 10 selected Company start-uppers – out of a national call – to improve, through Invitalia’s tutors and mentors, their business model and accelerate their projects’ implementation.

Born of an intelligent tourism view, they are projects actually able to create smart traveller services and simplify local operators’, tourism enterprises’ and governance’ tasks.


Number one

TypicalEats – Lombardy

TypicalEats is a specialty food web portal allowing tourists and appreciators to discover every destination’s specialties and the restaurants making it better. Available on desktop and mobile as well, the start-up permits finding out where it makes the best of Italian traditional courses in one click in a few seconds, fulfilling the tourist’s wish to try the best of Italian food, without wasting time either on or off line.

Number 2

Guido Tour Sharing – Lombardy

GUIDO ( an on-line guided tour-purchasing platform, where tourists and visitors can gather in small/medium sized groups (tour sharing) for group rates in return. Users will enjoy the best fares on the market and share their interests up to “compete” by a scoring, classifying system. Just one platform to find out and book on-line guided tours, by simply joining the participants’ list. To licenced guides, on the contrary, it is a kind of window, an on-line ticket office to sell their own tours directly.

Number 3

Woolysses – Campania

Woolysses provides for developing an “on-cloud” technical facility augmenting knowledge and supplying “smart assistant” services by a multichannel chat-bot (Web, Social and App.). The technological platform will meet the users’ needs (Art Cities visitors), always providing useful contents in the right place, at the right time. The process of dynamic segmentation and real-time analysis in addition to predictive models allow for customized contents and suggestions, next best actions while advancing every single user’s wish.