Business networks

Tender notice for grants to business networks in the field of Tourism

It raises to promote and support integrating processes among tourist enterprises through business-network as a tool. It aims at backing tourist chain reorganization to have specializing and qualifying improved in the field and investments enhanced, growing competitiveness and innovation in National tourist entrepreneurship, especially on overseas markets.

Funding can be granted to small and micro tourist enterprises in the business combination.

The Project drafts allowed start from an overall amount of EUR 400.000, whereas the grant raises up to EUR 200.000 each network project.


The projects must include one or more of the following activities:

  • initiatives reducing the network enterprises’ expenditure, by systemizing information tools for tourist services management and booking with creation of platforms for purchasing of goods and services;
  • initiatives improving territory’s knowledge for tourist purposes through on-line promo-business systems;
  • implementation of actions by new technologies, particularly all the new social-marketing systems;
  • enterprises’ enhancing on overseas markets through participation in trade fairs and creation of common boosting material;
  • development of initiatives and tools to share among the enterprises in the network for innovative holiday packages to realize.

What to do

Participation and deadline:

The lead partner will have to sign up on the on-line platform, supplied with by The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism for application to fill in starting from 10.00 a.m., on December 14, 2015 through the dedicated portal, or Portale dei Procedimenti.

Only on-line submissions are allowed, digitally signed by the lead partner’s legal representative, not later than 4.00 p.m., on January 15, 2016.

Any application sent any other way would not be considered. The procedure will keep to the submission’s chronologic order, allowing priority in case of equal scoring awarded by the assessment team.