Operator DG Tourism MiBACT- Palazzo Chigi, Roma

Professions in Tourism

The Directorate General for Tourism manages the process to acknowledge the following professions in tourism:

  • tour guide
  • courier
  • travel agency technical manager

Changes in procedure depend on the applicant’s home Country as well as on the kind of service to render, if temporary or permanent.

As regards competition notice and qualifying for tourist position, it is up to each Region’s own law.

For any information, please fill in the form

Acknowledgements for the current year:

Nominativo Nazione dove il titolo è stato conseguito Titolo Data decreto
Boutet Marie France Tour Guide 12/01/2018
Drahusa Kresanova Slovakia Tour Guide 12/01/2018
Posocco Lorenzo France Tour Guide 12/01/2018
Di Giulio Roberto Sweden Tour Guide 12/01/2018
Liut Susanna Norway Tour Guide 12/01/2018
Revelle Justine France Tour Guide 12/01/2018
Séjourné Isabelle France Tour Guide 12/01/2018
Mannu Edoardo Brazil Tour Guide 08/02/2018
Eljeiroudi Mohamad Adnan Syria Tour Guide 08/02/2018
Carvalho Ana Cristina Brazil Tour Guide 08/02/2018
Siyanko Olga Ukraine Tour Guide 08/02/2018
Skulskyte Egle Lithuania Tour Guide 08/02/2018
Rezzonico Ekaterina Russian Federation Tour Guide 08/02/2018
Kulaga Bogumila Renata Poland Courier 08/02/2018
Grytting Sara Sweden Technical manager ADV 08/02/2018
Shalimova Yulia Russian Federation Technical manager ADV 08/02/2018
Cruceru Doina Andreea Romania Tour Guide 06/03/2018
Mikaelyan Nune Russian Federation Courier 06/03/2018
Lacagnina Katarina Slovakia Tour Guide 06/03/2018
Liut Susanna Norway Courier 06/03/2018
Ielusic Costanza Romania Tour Guide 06/03/2018
Czuba Anna Janina Poland Courier 06/03/2018
Adomnitei Andrei Romania Tour Guide 06/03/2018
Victor Alexandre France Tour Guide 20/03/2018
Pchimaf Eva Nora Hungary Tour Guide 20/03/2018
Markauskiené Lina Lithuania Tour Guide 20/03/2018
Mircea Cǎtǎlin-Bogdan Romania Tour Guide 20/03/2018
Mircea Luminita Romania Tour Guide 20/03/2018
Schak Ingrid Austria Tour Guide 20/03/2018
Ntariou Eugenia Greece Technical manager ADV 20/03/2018
Schöll Silke Germany Courier 29/03/2018
Crovace Claudia UK Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Belfiore Andrea France Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Candido Giuseppe Finland Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Röeder Gabriele Austria Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Carrasco Hernandez Cecilia Spain Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Cillepi Giuseppe UK Courier 29/03/2018
Cattaneo Elisa UK Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Sereda Anna Belarus Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Nachajova Alena Slovakia Tour Guide 29/03/2018
Piacentini Luigia France Tour Guide 27/04/2018
Twardon Claudia Germany Tour Guide 21/05/2018
Rosado Ruiz Teresa Maria Spain Tour Guide 21/05/2018
Bonanni Marco UK Courier 21/05/2018
Slovak Dusan Czech Republic Tour Guide 21/05/2018
Bratu Constantin Catalin Romania Tour Guide 21/05/2018
Yfat Kalaora Israel Tour Guide 21/05/2018
Huber Patricia Angela Germany Courier 21/05/2018
Stevanovic Nastasa Romania Tour Guide 12/06/2018
Cefai Gregory Australia Tour Guide 12/06/2018
Agazzini Kathy France Tour Guide 12/06/2018
Carapic Slobodan Romania Tour Guide 12/06/2018
Perrotta Raffaele Spain Tour Guide 18/06/2018
Tomazini Rizzi Ynis Elena Brasile Tour Guide 02/07/2018
Martin Roales Francisco Svizzera Tour Guide 02/07/2018
Da Silva Junior Antonio Paulo Brasile Technical manager ADV 02/07/2018
Thomas Chloè Francia Tour Guide 04/07/2018
Mitridate Raffaele Regno Unito Tour Guide 04/07/2018