Chigi Palace - Headquarters Council Presidency

The National Activities

Improving the Country’s tourist supply and creating avant-garde tourist policies

The National Activities of the Directorate General for Tourism aim at creating avant-garde tourist policies and improving the Country’s tourist supply.

It realizes also by granting public law Bodies and Institutions, promoting and supporting integration among tourist enterprises through corporate networks, tourist professions’ acknowledging management, backing enterprises by Tax Credit.

Main points:

  • Strategic planning and scheduling of the National Tourist Policy, assistance and support to Regions, Provinces, Local Authorities for tourist system’s promotion and development;
  • Planning with Regions, Provinces and Local Administrations for coordinating and integrating National, Regional, Provincial and Town Operational Programmes;
  • Promoting Made in Italy and initiatives, together with the other Directorates General and ENIT (National Tourist Office) to support strategic projects’ performance, for the tourist services quality improvement and a better territorial tourist supply;
  • Programmes and initiatives aiming at increasing tourist supply for cultural heritage’s enjoyment, in close connection with ENIT, the Directorates General in charge and their respective Regional Secretariats;
  • Participating in EU tourist subjects, as well as in Community legislation’s processing. Activities related to Italy’s participation in the tourist filed within the International Organizations.

Policy taken on:

  • Tuning of tourism enterprises as interacting with Local Authorities’ system and business community;
  • Developing of uniform minimum standards for services and tools all over the Country to classify tourist accommodations and enterprises;
  • Boosting of National top-class channels, as backing Italy’s system tourist supply;
  • Developing of studies and research on tourism;
  • Coordination and up-dating of the IT supporting and classifying system for INFOTRAV travel and tourism enterprises;
  • Supporting tourist demand and social tourism;
  • Growing policies supporting functionally different people, with special needs, even temporary ones;
  • Supporting activities of the Centre for the Promotion of The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, established within the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO);
  • Managing grants for tourist events, according to law 174/1958 and 702/1955;
  • Acknowledgements and licences to settle and temporary practise the profession;
  • Managing incentives to co-finance new Innovative Services Projects, backing tourist field (DM 13/12/2010);
  • Secretarial and organizational support;
  • Relations with the Regions, Inquiry on the reporting and clearance of the complete Projects – law 135/2001, art. 5, 5;
  • Projects led by the Directorate General, granted as referred to PON-GAT FESR 2007/2013 and the Action-Cohesion Plan (Programma Azione Coesione) as complementary to The PON-GAT. They are all aiming at supporting Regions, for the Regional tourist system to enhance and develop.